University Work Placements

At Severnside CRP we can provide work experience for University students. Below you can find out what two of the students who worked on this website have to say:

Daniel Cook

"Hello my name is Daniel Cook, I am a student for the University of the West of England and have worked with Severnside CRP to design and hand write this website for them."

Jake Bacon

"Hello my name is Jake Bacon, I am a student at Bath Spa and have worked with Daniel Cook on Severnside Community Rail Partnership's new website. I have produced all of the graphics for website including banners, logo and artwork for local stations"

Danny Evans

"My names Danny Evans and whilst working within the Severnside Community Rail Partnership, I was responsible for updating our social media. I supported the partnership with a lot of graphic design to aid in the broadcast of many of our projects. Alongside this I was gifted the chance to work alongside our partners within our umbrella and met some great members of the team whilst working on projects in support of our local communities."

Are you planning any student research on local rail issues?

The Partnership encourages, and sometimes sponsors, research on local rail issues.

We regularly monitor use of the Severn Beach line, including undertaking passenger counts - for which we would welcome more helpers.